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Angie Perry-Martin

Relational, Somatic, Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

"There is freedom waiting for you, 

on the breezes of the sky. 

And you ask, "What if I fall?"...

Oh, but my darling, "What if you fly?"

                                                                                     Erin Hanson

At this time, I am not taking new clients

Meet Angie

Meet Angie

Welcome! Are you ready to take a step toward the life that you have always imagined? Toward lasting change and more ease and freedom? My goal is to create a relationship built on safety, trust, and hope, allowing you to listen, respond, and act from your authentic self - the part of you that is, in its essence, innately good, healthy, and whole. 

My skill as a psychotherapist is not just from my training and experience working with individuals in diverse settings, it also comes from having a lifetime of rich experiences that have asked me to grow and change. Learning how to soften into the hard places continues to humble me and I have seen both sides of the healing journey through my education, training, and personal exploration of therapy, yoga, and mindfulness. I know the courage it takes to dive deep into the places that hold pain, fear, and anxiety, and am honored to support others in their own healing journey.

I work with individuals seeking support for a wide variety of issues including relational stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, personal growth, and career and life transition. My approach integrates somatic, mindfulness-based and trauma-informed therapies that allow for exploration of experience and lasting change.

I am a psychotherapist, certified yoga instructor, life partner, mother, friend, and dog lover. And, when not working, you are just as likely to find me enjoying hikes on our beautiful Colorado trails as dancing and singing along at local concerts. My favorite things include walks through fragrant pine forests with my four-legged friends, stepping outside my comfort zone, spending quality time with my husband and two kids who are now young adults(!), and recharging my spirit through silence and in nature. 

Angie Perry-Martin, MA, EdS

Licensed Professional Counselor


Conflict at work or home

Work or school stress that affects relationships 

Trouble managing your emotions or moods

Questioning your identity, beliefs, or life path

Lingering trauma from the past that continually disrupts the present

YOU WANT MORE FREEDOM AND EASE, but when it comes to making lasting change that gets to the root of the issue, you have run out of ideas and patience and want support from someone who understands and can help facilitate growth.

Well, you’ve found a place where you can feel heard, understood, and supported.

A place to safely explore with someone who is a guide and ally. 

Someone who will support you toward more freedom and ease. 


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At this time, I am not taking new clients

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Angie Perry-Martin
80 Garden Center, Suite 150
Broomfield, Colorado 80020
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